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Comgest encourages autonomy and initiative in our employees. This plays a motivating role for every employee regardless of their position and reflects one of our partnership values. Employee input and a collaborative approach are also key principles, which we put to practice in regular, full office, staff meetings. 

Comgest is an international, multicultural group of more than 200 employees, representing over 30 nationalities and offices in 12 countries. We view our diversity and broad range of experiences, skillsets and views as a key to our success. We aim to maintain a gender balance in the workplace, which currently consists of around 49% women and 51% men, with 33% of our analysts and portfolio managers being women. 

Comgest Group Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity - The fuel that powers an inclusive engine: Are diversity and inclusion (D&I) simply buzzwords? What does it mean to be a “diverse” asset manager? How is D&I relevant for investors? Is it possible to produce both an authentic positive impact and return? Comgest Portfolio Manager Zak Smerczak does a deep dive into these ideas and more in our latest paper.

Comgest participation in industry-wide diversity & inclusion initiatives

Diversity Project: A cross-company initiative championing a more inclusive culture within the investment industry. Comgest became a member in 2021 and seeks to learn from, and contribute meaningfully, to its initiatives. 

Fondsfrauen: The largest German-speaking women’s network for career advancement, diversity and gender equality in the financial industry. Comgest joined the network in 2021.

"Comgest offers an inclusive partnership where I believe women can thrive.”

Denis Callioni

Pan-Europe Equity Analyst/Portfolio Manager

Our foundations and growth are due to our partnership culture. From our founders to our interns, we seek out talented professionals that we believe can go the distance – reinforcing our group, our business and our future. 

Our capital is financial and human. We aim to engage not just our clients, but our employees in order to sustain our broad partnership. We encourage continued professional development via employee training that is tailored to needs and potential. 

Social and environmental responsibility are embedded in our day-to-day activities, conduct and business. Embedding these values into the firm's responsible investment policy helps improve society, but also reinforces client and employee trust. 


In addition to being an asset manager, The Comgest Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Comgest Group and is dedicated to the support of various projects, such as education, supporting people with disabilities or other programs which aim to improve the lives of people in need. Comgest employees act as 'ambassadors' to nominate potential projects and to follow up on their progress. 








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