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Currency: EUR
ISIN: FR0000284689
Share Class: ACC
  • NAV: 2,744.64 EUR
  • NAV DATE: 21-Jan-2022
  • YTD PERF: 16.0%
  • YTD PERF. DATE: 31-Dec-2021

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the SICAV ("the Fund") is to achieve an absolute performance over the recommended investment period without reference to any particular index, by using stock picking techniques. The portfolio will be at least 60% exposed to the international equity markets.
The Fund is aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon (typically 5 years or more).

Holdings exclude cash and cash equivalents.
Total Net Assets (all classes, m) 2,555.01 EUR
Number of holdings 38
Weight of top 10 stocks 43.1%


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

Performance figures are calculated net of investment management fees, administrative fees and all other fees with the exception of sales charges. If taken into account, sales charges would have a negative impact on performance.

  • Monthly Report
  • Quarterly Report
  • Semi-annual Report
  • Annual Report
  • Prospectus
  • Key Investor Information Document
  • Shareholder Notification
  • Sustainability Related Disclosures


Investment Manager Comgest S.A.
ISIN Code FR0000284689
Bloomberg Code CGMONDE FP
Sedol Code 5954005
Share Class Currency EUR
Fund Base Currency EUR
Share Class Distribution Policy Accumulation
Hedged No
Share Class Inception Date 27-Jun-1991
Fund Domicile FRANCE
Investment Management Fee 2.00%
Ongoing charges 2.21%
Maximum entry fee 2.50%


RISKS AND REWARD Typically lower rewards
Higher Risk Typically higher rewards
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

This indicator represents the risk and reward profile presented in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID). See additional risk information in KIID. It is not guaranteed and may change during the month. The fund is aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon.


This fund has the following core inherent risks (non-exhaustive list):

• Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal,

• The value of all investments and the income derived therefrom can decrease as well as increase,

• There is no assurance that the investment objective of the fund will be achieved,

• When a Share Class is denominated in a currency that is different from yours, changes in exchange rates can negatively impact both the value of your investment and the level of income received.

A more detailed description of the risk factors that apply to the fund is set out in the Prospectus.



Laure Négiar joined Comgest in 2010 and is an Analyst and Portfolio Manager specialising in Global equities. She is also a non-executive member of the Board of Partners.

Laure co-manages Comgest's Global and EAFE (Global ex-US) strategies as well as the team’s segregated accounts. Before joining Comgest, she worked at BNP Paribas Equities & Derivatives in Paris and London, and prior to that worked in several roles within the US government.

Laure obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Stanford University (with Honours and Phi Beta Kappa) before graduating on the Dean's list with an MSc in Management from the HEC business school in France. She is also a CFA® charterholder.


Zak Smerczak joined Comgest in 2016 and is an Analyst and Portfolio Manager specialising in Global equities. He is also a member of the Comgest Group's Investment Committee.

Zak started his career in 2006 at Deloitte in London, initially in Assurance & Advisory Services before moving to Transaction Services where he was responsible for operational and financial due diligence. In 2011, Zak joined Mirabaud Asset Management where he worked as an Analyst covering global equities. In 2015, he moved to Polar Capital Holdings where he held the position of Analyst / Portfolio Manager for the firm’s global multi-asset income strategy.

Zak holds a Bachelor of Business Science Degree with Honours in Finance from the University of Cape Town. He is a CFA® charterholder and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland since 2009.

Alexandre Narboni joined Comgest in 2009 and is an Analyst and Portfolio Manager specialising in Global equities. He is also a member of the Comgest Group's Investment Committee.

Alexandre is also responsible for developing and supervising Comgest’s Flex strategies, the firm's first investment strategies to employ hedging techniques with the objective of reducing volatility and drawdowns. He previously worked in the Group’s US equity team. Before joining Comgest, he worked in New York in asset-backed securities at Société Générale from 2005-2007 and then as a hedge fund credit Analyst at HSBC.

Alexandre graduated from the National School of Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE) in Paris and Columbia University in New York where he was awarded a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics.

Richard Mercado joined Comgest in 2019 and is an Analyst and Portfolio Manager specialising in Global equities. 

Before joining Comgest, Rick worked in London as a Portfolio Manager responsible for a North American equities fund with USS Investment Management and prior to that, as a Global Equities Portfolio Manager with F&C Investments. From 2001-2008 he worked in Australia, with Capital Partners as an Investment Analyst and with AMP Capital Investors as an Investment Strategist.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of New South Wales. He is also a CFA® charterholder.

Investment Team listed above may include advisors from affiliates within the Comgest group.

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Before making any final investment decisions, you must read the latest prospectus and the KIID available at our offices free of charge and on our website at Our French funds’ prospectuses are available in French and may also be available in German. The KIIDs are available in a language approved by the EU/EEA country of distribution.

Tax applicable to an investment depends on individual circumstances. Depending on where you live, the fund may not be available to you for subscription. Consult your financial or professional adviser for more information on investing and taxation. The information provided does not constitute investment advice and it should not be relied on as such.

Comgest S.A. may decide to terminate at any time the arrangements made for the marketing of its UCITS.

Comgest S.A.’s complaints handling policy (which contains a summary of investor rights and information on redress mechanisms in the event of litigation) is available in English, French, German, Dutch and Italian on our website at in the regulatory information section.



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