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investment strategy

investment philosophy

From its beginnings, Comgest has pursued a single objective. We invest in long-term quality growth companies, agnostic of benchmarks, countries and sectors. We apply a disciplined approach based on rigorous proprietary research and highly selective stock picking.

sustainable growth

We believe growth in earnings per share is the primary driver of stock prices over the long term. We invest in only a small number of companies that we believe have sustainable competitive advantages, high barriers to entry and pricing power which makes them capable of growing their medium-term earnings, irrespective of the economic cycle.

research-driven and unconstrained

We are unconstrained by benchmarks, geography and sectors, choosing instead to focus on company-specific drivers of growth. Our experience has demonstrated that applying fundamental analysis and maintaining a long-term horizon are key to identifying companies capable of generating double-digit EPS growth.

ESG: the key to quality

To confirm the quality of our companies, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our stock selection process, as we believe these can impact a business over the long term. When we decide to invest, we aim to build strong, long-term relationships with management teams and be engaged shareholders to raise awareness of best practices.

Investment Strategy


As bottom-up stock pickers, we build portfolios on a company-by-company basis, irrespective of benchmarks, geography or sector allocations.



We seek to preserve our clients’ long-term interests by investing in companies that in our view can deliver sustainable financial returns.